Pricing for Wedding's  

£1200    For 'Digital images' of your wedding day - from bride & bridesmaids getting 

              ready, wedding service, reception through to the first dance + wedding album or

              photo book of your special day + two mini photo books for the parents.


£900     For 'Digital images' of your wedding day - from bride & bridesmaids getting 

            ready, wedding service, reception through to the first dance.


£450     Half day photographic coverage [Service & reception]

            'Digital images'  of photographs taken over a 4 hour period.


             "Digital image's" will be on a USB stick or a DVD box set.

Pricing includes all post production of images. There will be additional costs for traveling to events that are out side of the Devon area. 

Wedding albums subject to availability and will only hold one 10by8 print per page.

Each 'style' of wedding album is different and there fore has a maximum number of pages / prints with in. Wedding albums will take 1 month to put together after images have been chosen.

Photo books will be produced in a hard back format. The images that go in to the pages will be communicated between my self and the client - the page format for photo books could have more than one image and indeed have several images to a page. Photo books turn around will be with in three to four weeks after image choice has been submitted.

All production times may vary due to incidents beyond my control.










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